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🔥+ Hat Hangers For Walls 04 Jul 2020 8X12 Tiny House v.1. This is a classic tiny house with a 12/12 pitched roof. The walls are 2×4 and the floor and roof are 2 ...

Hat Hangers For Walls We want to put a high arbor over a back path, plant grapes and other ... sill in a building and place other pipe or angle iron as a rafter patern pvc ...

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Diyanna Toussaint

Diyanna is a native of Boston, MA. She has a Bachelor''s in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University. Diyanna is a licensed middle-grade math teacher. In 2012, Diyanna moved to Charlotte with her family to become a teacher. She taught math in CMS for 6 years. Over her years of teaching, Diyanna has become skilled in using data-driven instruction, developing relationships with students, and making the classroom an enjoyable environment. 

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